Get Skills to build your Online Empire !

You are a king, build your own Empire !

Yes! ICT skills empowers you to build your own empire. You don’t need to employ a builder to create your own kingdom. As a king you decide what you are going to do in your kingdom: You a can sell goods online, tell people your mind, teach, preach, etc. The place where people will find you and your kingdom is your website.

People will need your address to visit your online empire

A number of words can be used to refer to a place where people will actually visit your online empire: domain name, URL. This is something that looks like: and the URL: http://www. .

Obtain your domain name or web address

This just like obtaining your postal address. Your can not use your mind to create an address like PO Box 171. It is the post office that will give you an available Box or Private Bag Number. For instance, no more that one unrelated individuals/organisations can share the same Box or Private Bag Number.Similarly,for you to have web address you will need someone authorised to register register web addresses. One day I will tell you who authorises this someone to register your online empire address. What is important to me, now, is to give you the address of one or more people(registrars) who can create your web address.

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How big is your online Empire?-Web Hosting.

Now you have the address to your empire,www., which people can use to come and watch your wonderful empire! . Please agree with me that the amount content, i.e. everything in your website, will determine the size of your empire. The very same people who created your address can supply you with space(disk space) to store your content(web hosting). How much you will pay them will depend on many factors around your content, like, disk space, how many people visit your empire(traffic), how many addresses fall under the main address(subdomains), for example,http:// www. yourwife. , number of email addresses( email accounts), for example,

They tell you about Hosting Plans?

Don’t worry they mean the things I talked about in the above paragraph, i.e., disk space etc, etc. One supplier can have Plan A-Plan D, like our first domain name supplier, has the following hosting plans: Economy, Economy Plus, Business, Executive. Don’t get confused if you come across one supplier with following hosting plan names, Moses: R1000 per year, Joshua: R1500 per year, Nebuchadnezzar R13,000 per month! What is important is how a particular plan name matches your current situation like, budget, needs. Don’t hurry you may start with Moses but as your situation changes you upgrade to Nebuchadnezzar.

Hosting suppliers I recommend

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Start populating your Empire-Web Development

You know how cheap it may be to build your house instead of hiring someone to do it on your behalf. Agree that there are certain things the someone may include which you don’t like but you find yourself accepting them in order to avoid noise or for another reason. Same thing applies with building your website, If you do it yourself it will bring complete satisfaction at the end of the project. Knowledge is power. Get the knowledge to build your own websites.

Everyone can develop a website.

I am sorry to put it like this: everyone can develop/write a website. For many people to believe and trust what I say from now onwards, let me put it like this: Only people who can write their CVs using a computer can write their own website. So this is clear and fair enough and contains the truth that will keep devil away! If you hire people to write CVs on your behalf, one can not expect you do a different action when it comes to writing a website.Telling you this truth may not help you, let me tell you steps to take in order to be able to write your own websites.

Who can supply me with skills related to Commputer Essentials and/or Word Processing ?

First Step To be able To Write a website

The first step is that you should able to write your own CV. Writin a CV is nothing else except writing things about yourself in order to achieve an objective you have in mind. In the same way, writing a website involves writing things of interest in your website: If it is an online shop you write about products and services, a teacher will about his subject, etc.

The program that you need to be able to use is known as a Word Processor. The name of the Word Processing program depends on the vendor or creator of that particular programme. For instance, if the Word Processing program is from Microsoft, the program is known as Microsoft Office Word, if Corel it is known as Corel Word Perfect, etc,etc. NB: To be able to write a your website, be able to use a Word Processing Program. A person who can use word processing is the one who Computer Essentials skills. This course teaches a person how to use a computer, from opening to closing a computer, opening and closing an application , dealing with computer settings etc. In other words this course teaches you how to use the machine called “computer” so that you will use this machine to write your CV(Word Processing).

What People Say

Knowledge is power. If your want to build your own websites, learn how to do it.

TB Mngoma

If you hire people to write you own CVs on your behalf, one can not expect you to do a different action when it comes to writing your website.


It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.

John Wooden

Let’s build something together.

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